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Shaanxi glendenwell industrial technology co., LTD., established in 2005, is a new type enterprise which mainly deals in imported equipment and has on-site equipment maintenance and technical services. Since its inception, we have been adhering to the technology as the forerunner, to serve users for the company's development concept, and strive to provide users with technologically advanced products and exquisite technical services.


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Mainly responsible for the maintenance, overhaul and spare parts sales of the equipment site.

Cooperate with users and manufacturers to confirm the technical selection scheme and provide professional team support.

  • FCC

    1.Slurry pump

    2.Slurry product pump

    3.Mechanical Seal Upgrade of High Temperature Pump

    4.Consulting Service for Imported Spare Parts

  • Air separation/Gasification

    1.GE bently Monitoring system

    2.ASCO Solenoid valve

    3.Brady Instrument

    4.Industrial sensors and process automation

  • Polypropylene Loop Reactor

    1.Saint-Dain High Speed Pump

    2.Magnetic linkage device for mixer of pre-contact tank

    3.Buckhard Cyclic Gas Compressor

    4.Hich liquid ring vacuum compressor

  • Gas phase polypropylene

    1.Agitator for catalyst metering tank

    2.Agitator for catalyst preparation tank

    3.Waste white oil tank agitator agitator

    4.Solid additive agitator